DEAL | Airport Firefighter Simulator Game For 60% Off


Step into the driver’s seat and experience the thrilling life of an Airport Firefighter. Steel nerves and quick reaction times are necessary as you take on daring rescue missions to quell the blaze from spectacular airplane plane crashes and burning jet turbines. Starting out as the rookie at the airport fire station, you must be ready – day or night – to fight fires and to bring dangerous situations under control. Save lives and become a fire-fighting hero!


  • Experience the thrilling life of an Airport Firefighter
  • Use specially equipped firefighter vehicles to control any dangerous situation
  • Brave dramatic rescue missions like plane crashes, burning jet turbines or damaged burning gangways
  • Explore over 7 square miles (20 km²) of airport terrain in a free-roaming environment

Normally priced at $25, you can get it today for only $9.99 ( 60% off ) by clicking here.

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