Custom Adidas iPhone Kicks

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There’s no secret that the iPhone gained a serious cult following over the years. This device not only influenced our life, but also every major industry. Now you can, among others, decorate your Christmas tree with plexiglas iPhone app icons, and even wear your favorite app icons on your… underwear. But if I was a dev, i wouldn’t want anything more than my iPhone app icon being displayed on an adidas product…

Los Angeles has always been a staple city when it comes to fashion, so it is no surprise that dope kicks customizers such as My-Ties hail from here. Check out these adidas Stan Smiths which pay homage to the iPhone. It took 46 for My Ties to capture the details of the iPhone, including the home screen and the customer’s favorite apps.

From what I can tell, they are not available (anymore) but check MyTies site for more kicks…

[via kicksonfire]