Apple Style Commercials Show The Benefits Of Jailbreaking [video]

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Here’s a series of ‘Apples style’ commercials that show the benefits of jailbreaking an iOS device. From Winterboard to themes to biteSMS to Zephyr, these videos show the most important aspects of jailbreaking.

Jump over the break to check out the videos…

Jailbreak: Winterboard, Theme:Ayecon, Auxo, IntelliScreenX, SubtleLock, BiteSMS, Zephyr, Zeppelin, ActiveDock, Barrel, Infinidock

Detail: Winterboard, Theme: Newport, DashboardX, Auxo, IntelliScreenX, BiteSMS, Zephyr, Zeppelin, ActiveDock, Barrel, Infinidock, LivePapers, NowListening, FlagPaint, Springtomize

Smart:Velox, Abstergo, Atom, Luna, Pluck, Subtlelock, Winterboard, Theme: Sarif, Zeppelin, Snowcover