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Sergio McFly is back and he is about to release iPhoDroid r14, which comes with a ‘Full Reset’ feature that will completely erase your iPhone. Using this feature your device will be formatted and you will loose all your data and residue data, which is probably a good idea. A full reset of your device is not necessary and iPhoDroid installation process ( easy install of Android OS on your iOS device ) has no dependency on the feature. That’s all the info we have at the moment, but we will keep you updated. Stay tuned…


Sergio Mcfly, dev of iPhoDroid, released a new version of the tool that allows us to install Android OS Froyo on our iPhone 2G/3G using a Windows machine.


  • iPhoDroid R13k for iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G
  • jailbroken iPhone with redsn0w ( not with JailbreakMe or Spirit )

How to:

1. Start iPhoDroid and connect your iPhone

2. Click on Shoot. Now pretty much everything is automated so just sit back and relax…

3. After a few seconds, iPhoDroid will detect your iPhone and extract the touchscreen driver

4. Few seconds later, the install process will begin…

5. After a few minutes, everything will be transferred and installed on your iPhone. Now start iPhoDroid again, and click on ‘Exit Recovery Mode’

6. Enjoy

NOTE: IF for some reason, on Windows 7 you will get a message like ‘Alpha expired’ or something like that, just set the date back one month, and re-start iPhoDroid


Yes, it is finally here. iPhoDroid, the application that automates the installation of Android OS on iPhone, was finally released for Windows, and it works with both Windows 32bit and 64bit.

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A couple of days ago we told you that iPhoDroid is finally coming to Windows and that it will be released, well… today. But, that was just an ETA, and the release was delayed. Sergio Mcfly, the dev of iPhDroid, explains why:

Well, it’s almost midnight and I know tons of people are awaiting for iPhoDroid PC release. I got a big delay today caused by 64bit Windows7 architecture, once its tough to get pass over DLL running without Certificate. But the good news is: I made it 😉 through an Internal Procedure and no Installation is required. Windows XP and Vista 32bit run the App all the way up in one single click (the same as 1SHOT for Mac).So, I encourage you to be a little bit patient and I really need a few hours more to get it finished to run on fine over 64 AMD and Intel. Keep in holding everyone, A lot of dedication still being imperative and the Installer is on the way. Apology.


A few days ago, we told you that iPhodroid is finally coming to Windows. Today, an Alpha version was released to testers and the dev said that the tool will be released in the wild on Sunday.

We will keep you up to date, and also provide a tutorial on how to use the tool. Stay tuned…