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The iDroid Project devs successfully ported Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the iPhone 3G, and they announced their success by posting the vid you see above. We’ve seen great progress since last summer when PlanetBeing proudly announced that he managed to port Android OS to the iPhone 2G and 3G. We are still waiting to see if somebody can port ( or if it is possible ) Android OS on A4-chip iOS devices.

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iDroidMini – Yet Another Alternative To iPhone’s MobileSafari. iDroidMini was inspired by MobileSafari, Android browser & Opera Mini. It got potential but, right now is kinda sluggish. (atm) You can find iDroidMini for free in the appstore.

PS: view the vid in full screen mode. DemoGod had a major fail, and i had to do the vid with in Safari



Back in 2010 and 2011 running Android OS on an iPhone as a dual-boot was the hottest thing. First there was Bootlace, followed by iPhoDroid and iDroid. Planetbeing was the first one to port Android to iOS, and you can watch him discuss his port here, followed by Sergio McFly with iPhoDroid and the team behind iDroid. In October 2011 Myriad announced Alien Dalvik, which was suppose to be some sort of Android emulator-thing for iOS. But the project didn’t really take off. 

Was iOS ported to Android? No, but some Columbia University students managed to get iOS apps running on Android with their Cider compatibility layer. Cider is not an emulator or virtual machine, but it tricks apps into believing that they’re in a native environment: they adapt code on the fly to make it work with Android’s kernel and programming libraries. Even 3D benchmarks run properly.

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First, you could dual-boot iOS and Android OS on your iPhones thanks to people like PlanetBeing, Sergio McFly ( iPhodroid ) and all the guys behind the iDroid Project. Now, thanks to developers @ Myriad, Android apps can run on Apple’s iPad via Alien Dalvik v2.0 which they announced as part of the company’s push for Android software on tablets, TVs, in-care infotainment and more.

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A few weeks ago we told you that the iDroid Project devs have successfully ported Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the iPhone 3G, and today we get a preview build which is available for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 1G and is ONLY as a binary package ( because this is a preview release, it will NOT be distributed via Bootlace ). For more info on the release read the iDroid Project forums….