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If you’re a fan of retro design and you want to set your iPhone 6s apart, you should check out Colorware’s iPhone 6s Retro. The company decided to produce a limited run of 25 individually numbered Apple IIe inspired iPhone 6s, including the iconic multicolor Apple logo on the back.

The iPhone 6s Retro will se you back $1600 and you can order one here.





High-end product customizer ColorWare announced that they are now ready to customize the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display. Just like the company’s past offerings, you can customize your iPad in any color you want and you can even mix and match. The iPad Air WiFi has three customizable parts while the iPad Air Cellular allows has five customizable parts ( same goes for the iPad Mini with Retina display ). After you decided how exactly do you want your iPad to look, you can send in your own iPad for a makeover or you can buy a brand new ( and customized by you ) iPad. For more info check out the official website.



With ColorWare you can now create a fully customized iPhone 5. The customizable components include the top back, bottom back, middle back panel and frame, front button, even the SIM card tray.

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Currently providing custom services for headphones, computers and mobile phones, just to name a few, Colorware hits the ground running with the new iPhone 4S, offered an interesting, albeit expensive, new alternative for those bored with the device’s stock appearance.

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If the current configuration of iPad 2s in either the OEM white and black aren’t to your liking, ColorWare has just opened the doors of customization for those wanting their very own personalized iPad. The ability to design and manipulate the colors include the body, back logo and front facing home button with ample amount of colors to pick from. For more information on the customization process and to play with ColorWare’s customizer, head over to their site. Prices start at $900 USD.

Watch a ColorWare demo vid after the jump…

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